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  Fully Alive in Ordinary Daily Life!!

DEPTH Dialogue
is the rediscovered essense of the ancient Wisdom practice of
Deep Inwardly Focused Socratic Dialogue
The Most Profound True Lasting Happiness
(The above qualities of
Being Fully Alive)

Coming Fully Alive
according to this ancient Tradition

  results from
bringing your deepest inner being
and your truest inner feelings into life,
by accessing your "inner compass" for sure knowing of what is truly good for you.

Note: A couple of years ago, after more than thirty years of research and development, I found what I believe to be the essence of Socratic Dialogue as a means for Self-realization.  This is not a dry philosophical exercise but a deeply practical method for real-life personal transcendence and transformation. The background of this discovery is presented in detail on this website.

Since then I have come to realize that the criticisms that I made below and elsewhere on this site of various other means to self-realization also apply to this method (what Plato called Dialectic.) Plato writes in his Seventh Letter that his true philosophy was not written anywhere. This includes all the Dialogues that he wrote. This therefore also means that the true aims of his philosophy that he writes about in his Dialogues could not be attained via his Dialectic. In fact, in the Dialogues we see Socrates fail time and time again to bring his dialogue partners to Truth or Knowledge. This is most poignantly the case with Alcibiades, his star pupil, who is used as an example of the true work of Dialectic. The work with him failed and the Dialectic failed. This is not stated by Plato but it is presented by him for everyone to see - poetic presentation rather than direct statement being his primary style.

What I have come to see is the correctness of Plato's statement in his Seventh Letter, that truth and true knowing cannot be stated in words. Neither can it be arrived at through words, or language of any kind (including images, stories, drama, etc.) - not even through the very sophisticated supra-drama of the Dialectic. My criticism of other means for self-realization is that they all involve the person in seeking for something outside himself when the realization of Self is only to be found inside. Self-realization is a state of Beingness that is always already present. It is realized only directly and immediately. Any means to self-realization is an activity that takes you away from what is already inherent in you.

What I have discovered, beyond the Dialectic but in the spirit of Plato's core philosophy and aims, is the Truth of full Self-realization that cannot be put into words nor attained by any means whatsoever. It cannot be attained because it always already IS. This cannot be attained but it can be realized, easily, directly and immediately. And I now know how to guide anyone who wants this into that relization. 

This does not invalidate what is presented on this website but it does supersede much of what is presented concerning practical methods. The basic philosophy is the same, but now much simpler, being based on a clearer insight into how to bring about Self-realization.

(I call this new discovery Free-Beingness. See here for full details about this.)

The Deep Inner Dynamics Of Self-Realization

DEPTH Dialogue is a practice that is in development that is the result of a very long and ongoing search to find the lost true inner dynamics of the ancient Wisdom practice of Deep Inwardly Focused Socratic Dialogue. It is based on almost 35 years of very extensive exploration and research, and validated through the original texts of the ancient wisdom, as well as direct higher intuitive understanding.

The original practice was developed and perfected over two thousand years ago in the golden age of classical Greece by the sage philosophers and master psychologists Socrates and Plato. They called it Dialectic, and said that it is an unfailing, step-by-step, guided path to deep, true, full Self-Realization

This full Self-Realization that they spoke of naturally results in true inner peace, ever-growing joy, unlimited freedom, expanded creativity in all areas of life, and deep personal power from within - conditions for true lasting happiness!

The natural and inevitable result of this is that all problems, "issues" and suffering are spontaneously resolved, these merely being manifestations of not living as a free, creative, empowered, fully realized self.

The Results of Self-Realization
Through DEPTH Dialogue

1. You function with greater freedom, creativity and power in all areas and levels of living.

2. All your psychological problems, pains and suffering spontaneously disappear, as Inner Peace, Sure Inner Knowing and Transcendent Ecstasy take over.

3. You develop clear, confident decision-making in all areas of life, based on sure inner knowing of what you truly love and what is truly good for you.

4. You get deep and lasting life-changing creative breakthroughs in any and all areas of life, according to what you truly love - your true heart's desires.

5. You gain greater creative power to fulfill all your true deeply felt desires.

6.  You develop true, deep intimacy with others you care about, based on accessing and sharing your own true inner feelings, and on being more sensitively fine-tuned to their true inner feelings.

7. You experience the greatest and ultimate fulfillment in life - that of living your deepest inner being and your truest inner feelings all the time in your ordinary everyday life.

How It Works

The method is an easy but skillful and highly effective way of entering right into the ongoing flow of your inner experiencing, that spontaneously results in the transcendence of old limiting patterns into complete newness. This happens without any deliberate effort to change anything. The changes that do happen come from what spontaneously arises from within you (your deepest inner being and your truest inner feelings) rather than from any effort to change. When change happens this way it is easy, natural and flowing, in alignment with who you truly are. All other ways of trying to change go against the flow and against your true inner nature.

Uniquely Effective

DEPTH Dialogue is unique and uniquely effective because of its origins in Socratic Wisdom, and also because it utilizes a universal principle of human functioning found in Socratic Dialectic that no other practice of personal growth knows about or uses.

That is, it works with what Socrates and Plato called ideas and forms (i.e. primary vibrational impulses and formative feel-images), which are the most fundamental underlying elements of your deepest inner world - the elements that create every experience that you have. It uses subtle, indirect means that allow these to SPONTANEOUSLY REPATTERN INTO NEWNESS.

This repatterning spontaneously and unfailingly results in large-scope creative breakthroughs into ENTIRELY NEW EXPERIENCES and ENTIRELY NEW WAYS OF FUNCTIONING - without ever going into problems or "issues," or suffering from the past.

The Method

Deep Inwardly Focused Socratic Dialogue
is a direct, experiential method of
Deep Dynamic Guided Self-Inquiry
that was developed and taught by
Socrates and Plato.

It is an ordinary conversation that is brought to deeper and deeper levels of heart-to-heart connection and ego transcendence through skillful questioning and intimate sharing.

Extensive layers and levels of sensitive, open-ended, non-directive questions are very skillfully used to lead you directly into your deepest inner being and your truest inner feelings, and from there out into expression and action.

At the same time the safety and comfort of ordinary conversation between friends is established and deepened, so that you feel completely at home in letting your deepest, truest inner feelings come out easily and gracefully.

DEPTH Dialogue self-inquiry happens entirely through this kind of deep conversation, in the context of a safe and caring relationship - a true loving friendship - between you and the guide.

The Old Ways

All other practices of personal growth, psychology, psychotherapy, healing or transformation of consciousness operate through what can now be seen in the light of the ancient wisdom as the misguided, unnecessary and mostly ineffective approach of goal-oriented efforts to heal, cure, fix, work through, change, oppose, reform, remold, reframe or reprogram your old experiences or your old patterns from the past.

That approach is, at best, just working old stuff into new configurations. It does not take you to the deepest inner levels where experiences are created. Because of this it never creates the complete transcendence of all old patterns into total newness in every area of self and life that characterize true self-realization. Only the ancient wisdom of Socratic DEPTH Dialogue does that.

What Works And What Doesn't

That old approach, in fact, can NEVER EVER work because the most fundamental characteristic of all problems, "issues" and suffering is INHERENT in the most basic structures of the limited ego-self that that approach tries to help. The ego-self is a closed-loop internal feedback system that always only re-enforces itself. This means that the old approach always basically only re-enforces rather than alleviates the deepest causes of suffering!


This can only be accomplished by the kind of deep, thorough, skillful, subtle self-exploration that DEPTH Dialogue guides you through, and the spontaneous dynamic creative repatterning of your inner formative world that results from that. It can only happen when, as a result of this, your deepest inner being and and your truest inner feelings come out into your life to take over from your old limited ego-self.

What Is The Self That Is Realized

Self-Realization simply means a broader, deeper, more creative and powerful way of organizing the whole range of your experiences and actions than the way of the ego, which is to organize these around a fictional central character ("you") in an imaginary story (your "remembered" life.) Self is not a new and better "you" (a "true self," a more "authentic" self, or whatever) in a better story, but goes completely beyond this. It is a whole new way of being in which you no longer play the part of a character in a story but exist as a living flow of sensitive, intuitive, present experiencing, continually accessing the higher, expansive, creative intelligence of nature itself through the deep feeling of life inside you.

As such, you no longer organize your experience by monitoring and referencing memories (of self and its stories), but purely through present felt-experiencing. You still have full ability to reference memories, but you are no longer determined by the limits of any of those memories.

Because the essence of stories is focusing on memories for the enactment of conflicts and the dramatization of pain and suffering, living your life completely beyond this spontaneously takes you completely out of the world of suffering. And this is accomplished simply by finding a completely new and different way of organizing your experience and actions. Living this way is the meaning of Self beyond ego.


DEPTH Dialogue is not a synthesis or integration of other practices. It is a rediscovery and reformulation of the singular, unique way of Socrates and Plato that they called the Dialectic. Because this is so entirely new, different and unique in the modern world, having been lost for over two thousand years, this site goes into considerable detail to tell you exactly what it is and how it is done. The following links give you a first glimpse of that. The rest of the site goes much deeper and gets much more detailed, so that you can understand it in depth if you are interested in that.


What It Is - A general description of the practice.

Self-Realization - What it's really all about; its heart and soul.

Benefits - What you can expect to get from doing it.

How To Use This Site - What's on the site and suggestions for getting the most from the extensive information that is here.

Note: If you are new to this whole topic, the best place to start is the other website on DEPTH Dialogue at:

It is gives a much briefer and easier to understand introduction, and also instructions on how to do a simplified self-help version of DEPTH Dialogue.

This site will make a lot more sense once you have looked at the other site, and even better yet, gone through the experiences offered there.

In fact, the only way to really and truly understand the deep inner dynamics of Socratic dialogue is to actually do it, and let the experiences of it unfold in you. Then the interaction of understanding and direct personal experience can happen. Look at the section on Training both here and in the other website for this.

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